Emilia-Romagna Regional dinner

Posted by adam on September 13, 2017

Tuesday 26th September, from 6pm

All antipasti and desserts to share across the table and a choice of main and pasta.

Pomodori gratinati
Gnocco fritto
Funghi porcini 
Friggione (sweet & sour onions)

Tortelli alla zucca
Tagliatelle al ragu di manzo
Smoked eel spaghetti

Red mullet & zucchini
Rabbit alla cacciatora
Erbazzone (braised green pie)

Zuppa Inglese
Panna Cotta
Black cake (chocolate & coffee )
Poached pear

£28 per person
To make a booking please click here or call us on 020 7249 9081

Negroni Nights

Posted by adam on August 22, 2017

NEGRONI NIGHTS returns this weekend on Sunday 27th from 10:30pm



THREE house Negronis at £7 


Music, cocktails & Craft beers



August Bank Holiday Sunday 27th September, from 10:30pm



Arrive before 11pm and your first drink is on the house - get guaranteed entry and book in using the below link








Roma Regional Dinner 29th August

Posted by adam on August 21, 2017

Our Roma regional dinner sees us take on Palatino at their own game and we think we've well and truly nailed the menu for this one with stacks of great dishes to try.

Cacio e pepe - made with Tellicherry pepper - and our version of Bucatini all'amatriciana both feature and we've got a great selection of antipasti too with grilled artichokes, suppli (mini arancini) and an intriguing mini Porchetta amongst other things.

Mains include Veal saltimbocca cooked with pancetta & Marsala wine and the classic dish of Gnochhi alla Romana - if you haven't tried this before you really should.  

Desserts will be plentiful and include those fantastic Maritozzi buns alongside ice-creams and a superb baked ricotta tart - all available to share across the table.

As always, it's just £28 for all four courses of food.

For bookings please give us a call on 020 7249 9081 or book online here 


Stuffed courgette flower
Artichoke alla romana
Braised endive, anchovy & lemon dressing


Cacio e pepe
Bucatini all'amatriciana 
Spaghetti vongole


Veal saltimbocca
Gnocchi alla Romana
Skate & Romanesco broth


Maritozzi (cream filled brioche)
Baked ricotta tart
Biscotti with poached cherries
Strawberry gelato 

Bank Holiday "Pastathon" with Hot Dinners

Posted by adam on August 15, 2017

Wondering what to do after Negroni Nights this Bank Holiday?

How about an all-day 'pastathon'  

We've teamed up with Hot Dinners and our pals at Palatino to put on a pasta feast that shouldn't be missed. There'll be two pastas from Palatino (closed on the bank holiday) and three from us here at Rotorino HQ.

Everyone who comes will get to try all five pastas on the menu. 

The ticket price is just £25 (plus booking fee) and includes a glass of Prosecco, a load of antipasta to share and then all five plates of pasta.

We've got a Bucatini all'amatriciana and the cacio e pepe from Palatino which drove Giles Coren to write: "From nowhere came a silkiness, a depth, a poetry that I have never encountered in a bowl of spaghetti before." 

We're starting from 12pm and will go on until late with the Hot Dinners team on-hand to chat restauarnts throughout the day

  • Antipasti to share: including arancini, bruschetta, olives and a little aqua sale.
  • Puttanesca 
  • Bucatini amatriciana    
  • Cacio e pepe
  • Ziti al forno
  • Pesto maltagliati

When: Monday 28 August 2017 from midday

TICKETS are available online at Design My Night. The £25 ticket (plus booking fee) gets you a welcome drink and all the food.

You can also call 020 7249 9081 and we'll book you in.

See you there.


Basilicata Regional Dinner

Posted by adam on July 19, 2017

We're visiting the region of Basilicata in the southeastern Italy for our next regional dinner taking place on Tuesday 1st August.  Bordering the regions of Puglia and Calabria, as well as the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, Basilicata is an otherworldly landscape of mountain ranges, trackless forests and beautiful villages.  


As always we're offering up a 4 course menu (below) with all the antipasti and desserts to-share across the table.  

To make a booking, please call us on 020 7249 9081 or use the bookings grid.


Puppuzella (chillies stuffed with anchovy)
Calzone verdure
Acquasale (bread & tomato)
Fritelle cavolfiore
Grano al ragu (Pork ragu, farro)
Cavatelli, brocoletti, caccioricotta & peperoni cruschi
Spaghetti, la cipudata (salt cod, anchovy)
(traditional braised lamb)
Lucana sauasage & polenta
Parmigiana Melenzane
Grano dolce

Fried figs

Zeppole di san Giuseppe

Puglia Regional Dinner

Posted by adam on June 14, 2017

In just 2 weeks on Tuesday 27th June we're visiting the region of Puglia - the heel of Italy's 'boot' for our next regional dinner.

Julian and Stevie have put together a fantastic menu with Taralli (think Italian Pretzels), Orecchiette with summer tomatoes, basil & stracciatella cheese, Cuttlefish Tubetini pasta, and beautiful Mustazzoli almond cakes all featuring.

Mains include roasted lamb, a vegetarian of zucchini parmigiano, and a baked salt-cod.  We've also got Summer's finest with grilled peaches also on the dessert plates.

As always, it's just £28 for all four courses.  To book in please give us a call on 020 7249 9081 or book online here

You can book the large table - seating up to 24 - at no extra cost too.


Toasted fennel seed taralli


Artichokes sott'olio 


Potato croquettes


Orecchiette, tomato, basil & stracciatella

Tubetini cuttle fish ragu 

Ziti al forno (pork)


Roasted lamb shoulder

Baked salt cod, pecorino, breadcrumbs

Zucchini parmigiano


Almond & honey cake



Grilled peaches

Fig ice cream

020 7249 9081 or book online here

Sardinian Regional Dinner

Posted by adam on May 17, 2017

Tuesday 30th May - Sardinia

Stevie's a big fan of Sardinia - there's so much variety to the cooking here - and has worked with Julian to create a menu that's stacked high with traditional dishes & recipes taken from all across the island.

We've got plenty of summer vegetables to start with all the anti shared across the table.

For pastas we've got three types - malloreddus, ciciones & culurgiones - all native to Sardinia, freshly handmade on the night and served with flavours of the sea and the land.

For mains we've got aubergine stuffed with "fregola", a salt-baked grey mullet and perhaps Sardinia's most well known dish of "Maialetto"- whole wood roasted suckling pig. Desserts are done to share and include Crema catalana and "Frisciolas" - sweet doughnuts made from saffron and potato.

See the menu in full below - as always it's only £28 per person and we'll open doors from 6pm and serve until late. We expect to be fully booked so don't miss out.

Our large table seats up to 24 and you can book this too at no extra cost. To make a booking please either book online  or contact Alex on 020 7249 9081



Artichokes & potatoes

Stuffed courgette flower

Aubergine rotolo

Pecorino sardo

Broadbeans & guanciale


Malloreddus with clams, courgette, saffron & bottarga

Ciciones with sausage ragu

Culurgiones, potato, mint, pecorino


Wood roast suckling pig

Saltbaked grey mullet

Fregola stuffed aubergine, tomato & pecorino sardo


Crema catalana

Mirto steeped cherries

Saffron & potato donuts

Prickly pear granita



Calabria Regional Dinner

Posted by adam on April 13, 2017

Calabria Regional Dinner - Tuesday 25th April, from 6pm

£28 per person


Rotolo, roast peppers, broccoli, cacio
Braised greens, olives
Roast artichoke, capers, pangratatto
Sopressata calabrese
Pickled aubergine, chilli


Cavatelli, cime di rapa
Filei, 'nduja
Lagane, chickpeas, sweet dried pepper



Roast capretto, anchovy, lemon
Stoccofisso, tomato, potato, capers
‘Ciambotta’ aubergine, tomato


Pitta ‘mpigliata – walnuts, raisins, orange
Dried figs, red wine, chocolate
Semifredo liquorizia


Doors open from 6pm and we're taking reservations until 10pm.


If you'd like to book our large table - seating up to 24 - you can do at no extra cost.  Call us on 020 7249 9081 to book in or book online


Firenze Regional Dinner - 28th March

Posted by adam on March 6, 2017

Our Head Chef Luigi has family in Florence - so we're heading here for the March Regional dinner on Tuesday 28th.

4 courses - £28 per person.

Doors open from 6pm and we're taking reservations until 10pm.

If you'd like to book our large table - seating up to 24 - you can do at no extra cost.  Call us on 020 7249 9081 to book in or book online here.



menu online soon... 

Anti-pasti to share:

Tripe w tomato & parmesan

Fried artichokes

Chicken liver crostini

Deep-fried sage with anchovy



Ricotta, spinach & parmesan “Crespelle”

Pappardelle with braised rabbit & black olives

Firenzze bread & tomato soup



Sliced & grilled Sirloin steak with Parmesan

Roasted grey mullet with roast potatoes & lemon mayonnaise

Panzanella (v)



Zuccotto ice-cream with sponge cake

Biscotti selection & Vino Santo

Pecorino cheese & panoforte



Palermo Regional Dinner 28th Feb

Posted by adam on February 14, 2017

We're visiting the beautiful city of Palermo on Tuesday 28th February for our Regional dinner.

4 courses - £28 per person.

Our doors will open at 6pm and we're taking reservations until 10pm.

If you'd like to book our large table - seating up to 24 - you can do at no extra cost.  Call us on 020 7249 9081 to book in or book online here.





SARDINE BECCAFICO pine nut, raisin, anchovy

ARANCINA veal ragu, peas

SICILIAN ORANGE SALAD fennel, red onion, oregano



ANCHOVY REGINETTE broccoli, chilli, pepper

BUCCATINI ALLA NORMA aubergine, black olive, ricotta salata

VEAL & BEEF ANELLETTI scamorza, mozzarella



BAKED HAKE tomato, fennel & potato

BEEF SCALLOPINI provola, pine nut, red onion

PANELLE fennel seed, turnip tops, aubergine